Frequently Asked Questions

How can I install this WordPress Plugin 3D Viewer into my WordPress? #

You can simply search and install the plugin from the WordPress Plugin section.

Is there any shortcode of this WordPress 3d model viewer plugin? #

Yes, you will get a shortcode of the 3D Model whenever you create a 3D model, and you can put it anywhere in your post.

What file types does this plugin support? #

This plugin supports .glb, .gltf file types.

Can I create a 3d Model of multiple .glb and .gltf files? #

Yes, you can add multiple .glb and .gltf and create a 3D model.

I have a .fbx file, can I embed that file using the 3D Viewer Plugin? #

No, This plugin only support .glb and .glTF files. Please convert your file to any supported file types and upload it to your site.

Does this Plugin support my WordPress theme? #

We have tried to make this Plugin compatible with almost every theme, but we cannot check third-party themes; especially the paid ones. It’s also a tedious task to check out compatibility with all themes. If we find our 3D Viewer Plugin incompatible with the third-party WordPress themes, we always try to fix this and release an updated version. Also, if you find your WordPress theme is not compatible with our Plugin; let us know. We’ll be happy to make you our user.

Why should I use WordPress 3D product viewer on my website? #

Users are more likely to return to a website with an interactive 3D design. It gives a more accurate and genuine impression of the researched item. Using a WordPress 3D product viewer plugin in your website improves the user experience on your website and attracts more visitors.

How can I reach customer support if I need any helps? #

Visit our support portal to open a ticket -> Also, You can send an email to [email protected]

I need Plugin customization service, can you help? #

Yes, we provide plugin customization service (Paid). Please send us details via email: [email protected]

We try to respond to our customer’s questions ASAP, however, it can take up to 72 hours.

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