3D Viewer Settings

Model Settings #
  • First, choose a model type; it can be simple or cycle. (select Cycle option to run multiple models in a row).
  • Then, choose Model Source Type and upload it from your local disk, or can enter a URL.
Poster Type #
  • Choose the Poster type to show your 3D Model’s real image before landing the model.
  • You can also choose the Poster type between simple and cycle.
  • Next, provide your Poster image(s).
  • Now choose the width and height for your 3D Model.
Movement Settings #
  • Next, you can choose a Background color to enhance your 3D Model.
  • If you’re model supports autoplay, then enable autoplay to make it more effective.
  • You can also set Shadow intensity to your Model.
  • Preload option is also facilitated to preload with poster image and show model on interaction.
  • Use the moving control option to enable user interaction.
  • To make your 3D Model more attractive, you can disable or enable the Zoom behavior in your 3D Model.
Other Settings #

You can enable and disable the progress bar of your WordPress 3D Model viewer plugin. To enable, choose Yes and to disable, choose No.

  • Next, pick how you want to load your 3D Model; you can make it eager and Lazy; choose as per your preference and model.
  • Users are also provided an option to auto-rotate their 3D Model view.
  • If you’ve enabled the auto rotation, then choose auto rotation speed and auto-rotation delay.
  • Last but not least, you can specify the custom angle for the initial loading.

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